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Spam Policy

Definition of Spam

Spam is defined as unsolicited, irrelevant, or repetitive messages sent electronically, typically via email, SMS, or other digital communication channels.

Compliance with Anti-Spam Laws

We are committed to compliance with all applicable anti-spam laws, including but not limited to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in South Africa.

Consent-Based Communication

We only send electronic communications, including marketing messages, to individuals who have provided explicit consent to receive such communications.

Opt-In Mechanism

We use a clear and conspicuous opt-in mechanism to obtain consent from individuals before adding them to our email or SMS marketing lists. This includes providing checkboxes or similar options for individuals to actively opt-in to receiving communications.

Unsubscribe Option

Every electronic communication sent by us includes a visible and functional unsubscribe mechanism, allowing recipients to opt-out of further communications easily.

Frequency of Communications

We respect the preferences of our subscribers and strive to maintain a reasonable frequency of communications. We avoid bombarding subscribers with excessive messages that may be perceived as spam.

Data Privacy and Security

We take the privacy and security of personal information seriously and implement appropriate measures to safeguard the data of our subscribers. We do not share or sell personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without explicit consent.

Compliance Monitoring

We regularly monitor our email and SMS marketing practices to ensure compliance with our spam policy and relevant laws and regulations.

Reporting Spam

We encourage recipients to report any suspected spam or unauthorized communications from our company. Reports can be submitted to

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Violations of our spam policy may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination of employment or contractual relationships, as well as legal consequences under applicable laws.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our spam policy or believe you have received unsolicited communications from us, please contact our compliance team at